A Productive Spring Ends & A Bright Summer Begins


Before I get into this post, there is something of great importance and urgency: James is a finalist for the Palm Beach Illustrated Cover Competition! If you could take a moment of your time to go to the link below and vote for James Knill’s “Pink Boat” photograph (featured above), it would mean the world to me. Thank you kindly!


Wow, where to begin?

This past spring was without a doubt the busiest James and I have ever had. This has unfortunately meant that I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog but with a moment to reflect and look onward I wanted to check in with everyone. 

June was a blur with a big thanks to our friends at Eau for their partnership and support. Our cabinet has drawn the attention of several new clients and a really awesome Palm Beach designer. Both James and I have been creating custom works for these new clients. I launched a new Kaftan line which is selling quickly and I am currently working on new styles and colors. My newest collection of Kaftans is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and the one and only Divine. There’s more to come that I’ll be sharing with you over the summer. It’s 60's meets super color glam and I’m absolutely in love with it. You can take a look at some of my latest works at the links below:



I know I keep promising to put up my new earring collection but they are selling directly off Instagram before I can put any on the online shop! Shop talk aside, amid all the running around and designing James and I did take a quick trip to Provincetown which was charming and wonderful. It's great to be busy but let us never forget to enjoy the life we build. I'm absolutely thrilled to see what lies ahead and feel truly grateful that you have joined us on this journey.

I can’t wait to see where this Summer takes us!

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson