Artist Spotlight: Erik Kvalsvik


Fostering a community is what makes for a rich life. With this blog, I've always emphasized the importance of connecting with others and lifting each other up. One such individual who I've known for many years that is a true friend and truer artist is Erik Kvalsvik. Erik is a profound photographer of architecture, interiors and decorative arts. He has worked with a variety of clients such as the Baltimore Museum of Art, The Wall Street Journal, and the White House Historical Association.

His latest work is for D. Porthault, the favored French luxury brand for linens and other fabrics. In The Art of Luxury Linens, pictured above, Erik offers an incredible look into upper class homes. He covers everything from traditional and old-world styles to contemporary with an amazing ability to capture the essence of a room. I've always been a fan of Erik's keen sense of framing interior design in such a way where you feel like you're standing in that room. One of the spreads in this book feature work of mine and I'm enamored with his presentation.

You can read more about Erik Kvalsvik at his site here:

To friends. To community. To art.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson