Nostalgic Beach Tees

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The fall is finally here and we're ready for the season. I hope you enjoyed a lovely summer and that you're excited for a beautiful fall.

The first entry for this season is a look at a new series of custom designed, limited edition t-shirts by my husband James Knill.

These special t-shirts are handmade, hand printed and made of a soft and luxurious washable microfiber. They look great with denim or khakis and add a contemporary flair to your style. They look especially great under a sports jacket, for an effortless hip vibe.

Each shirt features one of James Knill's nostalgic Florida beach landscape photographs and the back mirrors the front for a seamless design. The shirts are slim fit and can be washed by cold water wash, tumble or laying flat to dry.

You can check out more designs at this link here:

Back in season means more entries, more sales, and more events so make sure to keep in touch.

Happy Fall!

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson