Platters That Flatter

From Zen Mermaids to Pink Poppy, I've been hard at work on new platters, bowls, and salad plates that capture the wonder of the ocean with a Greek and Moroccan flair. I am enamored with the expression of themes popular to these styles like the way they blend soft forms with bold colors. There is a powerful range to play with that all elicit a proud mixture of pride and elegance that I find to be inspiring and calming. Above I have a gallery of the latest works. As always I want to know which speaks to you. Either by email, on the Facebook page for the gallery, or better yet in person let me know what speaks to you and why. You can view more of the works and details about them at the store page here:

Here's to the ocean. May we all be so large in presence and calm in spirit.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson