The Beauty of Every Day

While I was taking this picture for the store, I was caught off guard by it. I set it up this way to show its scale and that was it. The thing is, I started thinking about what I was looking at. I picked up this chair from a collection of vintage Mexican hand painted antiques. In this picture old meets new, like a blend of style and flair. I've enjoyed opportunities and work as of late but without much time for relaxing. In the hustle of my day I found a brief but much appreciated moment to just look at this picture and enjoy it. It isn't complicated or particularly powerful. It's just a reminder to take a second in every day to enjoy life. I was surprised by the way this caught me and that's the beauty of life. There are surprises in each and every day that we are waiting to enjoy. We've just got to be open to them.

I hope that as you go about your day, you remember to appreciate everything you come across.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson