Girl Gang Totes: Pt. 2

Seven months ago this blog started with the introduction of my first line of Girl Gang tote bags. In that time I've been drawn to creating more of them because I am fascinated by the nuances that can say a million different things. Each bag has little quirks that give completely distinct impressions. Some like the Wink Wink tote bag pictured top left are playful and inviting. Others like my She Knew She Had What It Took tote bag express a level of resolve and willpower that I'm sure we've all had to draw upon in challenging times.

Above all else, what I am continuously inspired by is the fact that no matter what personality or attitude I capture, the women are all beautiful. There is no personal favorite of mine. When I finish a bag, it is completely unique and simultaneously as necessary and beautiful as the last.

You can check out more of the new totes I've designed at the shop page here:

It's important to celebrate the beauty of authenticity in all shapes and forms.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson