Walk The Walk & Rock The Frock

I am happy to present a collaboration between my mother couturier Leitner Winstead and I with our new line of frocks. From soft aquatic blues to a vivacious mix of jungle tones, each frock enables you to dress up and rock your look. All are handmade using exclusive Amanda Johnson Studio textiles to create a dress that feels as blissful as it looks.

Frocks are more than just a casual dress for going about your day. Frocks are about the act of getting dressed up. It isn't about the complexity of the dress or the sheer aesthetic. It's about the attitude. The way you feel knowing you look your best in a lovely piece that proudly declares I am ready for whatever comes my way. It's about living life and looking good while you're doing it.

You can see more of the collection at the shop page here: http://www.amandajohnsonstudio.com/amanda-leitner-frocks/

- Amanda J

Amanda Johnson