Mythos & Vases: Goddesses

From the artisans of ancient Greece to Native American potters, vases have been a means of conveying mythological figures and their heroic moments. I fell in love with the powerful heroines and goddesses depicted in these works of art. They were bold and authentic, proudly on display for all to recognize.

This week I'm happy to share with everyone my series of hand-painted festive flair. This work is my latest collection of low fire pottery that embodies the Goddesses and the power they wield. When making works like the Glory Vase, I enjoy the challenge of presenting these figures as strong without losing that third dimension of character. Part of what fascinates me about Greek Mythology is that their gods were not that different from mortals in regards to their personalities. They could get angry, jealous, and fall in love. These goddesses that I have molded into the vases retain that same edge that makes them far more interesting and alive.

You can take a look at more of them under the Girl Gang collection at this link here:

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson