Feral Figures


Most of my work regarding animals has been with Flamingos. They are so culturally entwined with the Palm Beaches and they allow me to work with shades of pink in contrast to the range of green foliage you find them in. More recently I’ve taken to Leopards, offering a dramatically different palette as well as tone. Flamingos are beautiful in their own right, like streaks of flame that lie about or soar through the sky. There’s a contradictory nature to them, how they stand out yet feel like an extension of any environment they inhabit. Leopards have a different relationship to their environment. They use it like a cloak, masking their presence for the moment to strike. They are incredibly beautiful and equally as dangerous. Like the women I paint, there is no distinction between the essence of power and grace. Even in a still moment, there is the inescapable truth that you are looking at a living dynamic being.

With this reflection in mind, I’ve gone about creating new pillows and gifts that represent both my respect and fascination with these proud beings.

To pride and glamour.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson