When Darkness Falls, We Look Up


Every day we are confronted with another devastation, another disaster. It feels like we can barely catch our breath before some other ugly darkness bubbles up and knocks us to our feet. One punch after another, it's hard not to feel the fatigue of the world. Then I remember something. Nature always has a way to it. There's ugliness, beauty, and everything in between in the natural world. It all fits and it all keeps on going. The women portrayed in this new collection, When Darkness Falls, We Look Up are women who have a natural strength to them. They stand above the darkness like shining stars, something to look up to when we need a reminder that life goes on and the light will always be there, we just have to look for it.

The collection takes on contemporary work like "The Nude" presented in classic antique frames that were personally collected by my husband James Knill. Combining modern style with classic presentation, these paintings evoke the term "The New Modern". The paintings themselves are the product of deep introspection, romantic ideals, and a reflection on the natural order of the world.

I hope these women can inspire you the way they inspire me.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson