The Culture of Palm Beach

Last week I mentioned the importance of community in regards to art. We all draw inspiration from the people and things around us. Whether we recognize it or not, our work usually holds hints of our cultural influences. If you know anything about Palm Beach, you can see the way I’m tied to this place. There’s a harmony between the calming waves pulling back and forth on the beach and the people that walk along it, just as calm in their motion. It’s a laid back environment where people from all walks of life meet. With a lot of my pieces, there’s an exciting palette of vivid and beautiful colors that harmonize rather than clash. The community and the ocean. The exciting meeting of cultures. Everything is distinct and wonderful. It catches the eye but it doesn’t demand attention. It exists with confidence. It’s that kind of energy, the energy of life, which specifically speaks through my work and my vision.

Here’s to culture. Here's to Palm Beach.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson