The Gallery

We're all guilty of killing time by going online and spending hours watching fashion or hobby videos made by passionate people. In a way it's great that we're all so connected and aware of what each other are up to. At the same time, we tend to forget that to truly appreciate most things, you need more than just seeing them on a screen. Art in particular comes alive when you're face to face with it. Not everything will grab you. You might walk by one piece after another, taking a second to appreciate the texture or color, and then continuing on. But then one grabs you. You're absolutely absorbed by it. Seconds turn to minutes as you find yourself lost in it. This is an experience you can only have in person. That's why I welcome you to come down to James' and my gallery. It's as cozy as it is vibrant. Most importantly, let's talk. Art flourishes with community.

We're at: 412 EAST OCEAN AVE #1 BOYNTON BEACH, FL, 33435

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson