Fall Fashion Shoot

I’m happy to share with you our latest fashion shoot featuring my crowns, dresses, and tote bags on marvelous display. Captured by my husband, James Knill, these photos embody both the spirit and integrity that I put into my work. When I approach fashion, I do so with the conscious awareness of what I am expressing through these clothes. There are elements of pride, poise, and elegance that I infuse with a dynamic fun that becomes an extension of the self rather than a cloak of it. Whether you’re out in a breathing green landscape or an industrial earthy city, the eye is drawn to you because there is an active process occurring. You aren’t just being shaped by the clothes. Your personality, drive, and confidence reflect back on to them to illicit a different sort of expression than someone else might have had with them. It is this meeting, this expression of self that I thoroughly love capturing in my fashion. I don’t think much more needs to be said.

I've recently updated the online shop to include some of our most popular items, including the Violet Pom A-Line Shirt Dress. Aside from the items available to order, you could also come into the shop and get fitted for for your own custom frock!

Curious what that looks like? The pictures below express far more than I could in words.

- Amanda J.


Amanda Johnson