Pineapples, Palms

For this week’s entry I wanted to give a shout out to Pineapples, Palms. Started by two sisters with a knack for décor, this company has blossomed into an all in one stop for accessories, gifts, and furniture that can transform your room into a tropical paradise. Recently I had the pleasure of working with them to launch an exclusive line of handmade pillows, The Santorini Collection. Inspired by Grecian designs, these pillows are a combination of intricate patterns and calming blues that invoke a sense of a beautiful calm sea. We wanted to offer a collection that simultaneously comforted and excited with a natural flow.

In particular the Helena Pillow has a powerful way of guiding the eye while also easing it. The idea was that all of them retain that element of water: immense strength, consistency, and the movement of it.

If you have a second I sincerely recommend checking out more of Pineapples, Palms. They have an amazing selection on their online shop and a fascinating blog with fun tips like how to create a centerpiece for your fall gathering.


- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson