Summer Happenings


The move into the new gallery space was exhausting but our opening more than made up for it. Thank you so much to everyone who came out for our opening back in June! If you missed out or you want to experience the excitement again, we’ll have our premiere for the season in November. Stay tuned for the date!

The next major event coming up is “Grand Illusions Part I”, an exhibition of my new work at the Gallery Blue Door in Baltimore, Maryland. The exhibition will open on October 5th and close on November 9th. For more information, please visit the exhibition page at the gallery page below:

For my featured exhibition at Gallery Blue Door they’ll be using my new biography and about write up. I’m thrilled with how it turned out and wanted to share an excerpt of it below (the full bio will be featured on my site in the coming week):

Amanda Johnson’s exuberant and elegant paintings have garnered acclaim and respect at an impressive rate. The variety and breadth of her work has contributed to her solidity in a number of communities. In the Delray Beach, Florida art galleries you can find her custom made beach art that captures the essence of coastal living. In the Palm Beach, Florida art galleries her contemporary and bohemian artwork charms others with themes of luxury and culture. Then there’s the cutting edge new modern artwork that Amanda has featured in galleries throughout South Florida from both independent projects and work she had done with other eclectic artists that share her passion and vision.

This recognition has inspired her continued work, where she often blurs the lines between fine art and design, creating instruments of self-expression and joy. Her hand-painted lampshades, custom textiles, and wearable art are truly imbued with the code of the human beat. "Fine art should transcend time, therefore I draw heavily on historical influences in Greek Mythology, the human condition through the ages, and self-reflection. My work documents moments of divine intervention, mortal struggle and triumph, and the process of my own personal life. My subject matter is often women as powerful mythological figures. In my compositions, I explore these themes using simplified shapes, intricate patterns, and color so that the viewer can interpret their 'own-ness' within the work." – Amanda Johnson

If you haven't been to our new gallery yet, please make the time to check it out. Our hours are as follows:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday: 12 am - 5 pm

I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to, including some sneak peaks at my work that will be featured at the Gallery Blue Door. Make sure to come by soon because the gallery will be closed while James and I are away from July 22nd to the 30th.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson