2019 Spring Boutique & Trunk Show: Our Time


This was without a doubt the best show I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. My dresses were a big hit and I was able to meet so many lovely individuals. It was my 4th Spring Boutique & Trunk Show hosted by the Wayside House and every year I’ve seen it grow in numbers and in scope. It seems like other people have noticed it’s growth too. Two separate people approached me during the show and very specifically told me “your time is now”. Something about the way they said it resonated with me. I thought about it and sincerely felt what they said. I believe our time is now. It isn’t a coincidence that so much is coming to fruition this year. Hard work pays off. Maybe not as soon as we sometimes hope, but eventually nevertheless. It also made me realize that our time is essentially always in the present. I spent the past year working and putting works together for this show. Each and every day, I knew what I was working for. But I was also there in the moment, focused on each painting, each bag, etc. You can’t give yourself to the process of creation without clearing the distractions of past and future.

It’s been a great honor to a board member of the Wayside House. It has kept me humble and reminded me that no matter what our past is or what future we hope for, the beauty of our lives exists in the moments we come together in. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this wonderful event. Wherever this year of adventure takes us next, I hope you can appreciate getting there.

-Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson