Divine Pink Dream: A Collaboration For Saks Fifth Avenue


My husband James Knill and I have created a site specific installation for Saks Fifth Ave at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

We have come together and created a collection of sizzling vivid pinks and oranges. James and I wanted the work to be modern, bold and yet somewhat playful and whimsical. Some of these art works incorporate fringe and garland and move playfully with a breeze creating a point of visual interest in an otherwise still window setting. Their inspiration springs from influences like Alexander Gerard, the 60s, Mark Rothko and Mery Meko, flavored with their own unique touch.  "Divine Pink Dream" is a collection that fuses fashion, art and design. The collection is joyful, modern and edgy, capturing the essence of "The New Modern".

We invite you to come see for yourselves! The collection "Divine Pink Dream" can be seen in the second floor mall entrance windows and the entrance wall gallery and our premiere party will be on July 20th from 12 PM-2 PM. For more information about the event you can visit our Facebook page here: Amanda James Gallery Facebook. Also please feel free to ask for more information or visit James and I at our Boynton Beach gallery.

To future prospects and lovely partnerships!

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson