The Wisdom of Mothers: Mother's Day Scarves

Never in my life did I expect to see my self in love with textiles. However, as I have worked toward making a living as an artist I understand why many of my mentors went into fashion, textiles and interior design. It pays and it's rewarding! I had the opportunity to watch and work with some of the greats like Van Smith, make up artist and costume designer for John Waters, as well as a fashion illustrator for all sorts of fabulous magazines. Then there was Zandra Rhodes, artist and clothing designer extraordinaire from England. Not to mention my father, Henry Johnson, interior designer and one of the best masters of red in an interior other than Mrs DV. Of course there's Pat Moran who taught me the true art of style and my talented and kind mother, Leitner Winstead, an outstanding creative force and expert seamstress. Lucky me! This Mother's day I want to dedicate my new 5 piece hand printed hand hemmed luxurious silk scarf collection to my mentors!

You can check out the scarves over at the store here:

Here's to the people that show us the ropes and nurture our sense of style!

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson