The Morning Routine

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In our busy and hurried lives we’re tempted to opt for the quicker options that let us get some extra sleep. Sure, it matters what you’re eating. But more importantly, what is like to start every day like that? Rushing? Is that how we want to live?

These are the kind of questions that arise when you’re working on latte cups and saucers. What has been lost in the transition from the communal start of the day around the dining or patio table to the to-go cup mentality? That time to breath, center ourselves, and start the day by spending time with loved ones is what life is about. We all have our own journeys and obstacles to deal with in a day. In designing these latte cups and saucers, I wanted to celebrate the morning that tempers us. No matter what morning type of personality you have, it’s your time and you deserve it. From the mellow pink to the enigmatic blue, whatever you want your morning to feel like is up to you.

The point is it’s yours.

- Amanda J.

Amanda Johnson