Linen Fortress

When people walk into your home, what is the immediate feeling that washes over them? Does it feel like everything is messy, that they would really rather not sit down or touch anything? Does it feel too pristine, almost cold and impersonal, like they’re in a showroom rather than a living room? Or is the room lively with vibrant colors and a warm palette?

It is possible to be exciting and familiar, thrilling and calming. This vibe, if you will, is achieved through a blend of luxury and vitality. Art that you can interact with. I love crafting pillows because they offer another opportunity to express who you are and the mood you’re going for in an inviting manner. They aren’t pieces hanging on your wall, they’re comfortable handmade linens that people can lay on and interact with.

From the mellow Beach Dream Pillow with its soft and peaceful blues and peaches to the bright oranges and pinks in the Queen of the Stars Pillow, I like to present people with a grand variety for how they want to bring life to their home.

- Amanda J.


Amanda Johnson