Painting Lamp Shade Class at Art Sea Living & Studio

On Thursday January 19th I’ll be teaching a lamp shade painting class at the lovely Art –Sea Living Studio. From 6:00 to 9:00 PM, I’ll go through the techniques and methods that you can use to add your own unique touch to your abode. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for all of us to utilize our creative energies. Painting is the perfect outlet for the stress of the season and when it’s over you walk away with a beautiful work of art made by your own hands. Having something like that around your house is a lovely way to make the space yours. Lighting does so much for the mood and feeling a room gives off. When I created lamp shades for designer Christian Siriano, I did so with a specific vibe in mind. The romantic layer and sense of calm you can impart with lighting is remarkable. The class is $100 and does not include a shade so please either bring one or make sure to order one ahead of time! You can find the Art-Sea Living Studio here. Don't forget to call ahead and reserve your spot at (561) 737-2600 or to order tickets on their website.

We’ll laugh, learn, and make some art. Not a bad way to spend the evening.

- Amanda J

Amanda Johnson