Charming Charmeuses

What I like about scarves is that they aren’t just an accessory. While they do compliment a fierce outfit, there’s a comfort to them. I don’t mean comfort like a comfortable couch or pillow. I mean comfortable like a blanket your mother knit for you. The care that goes into making a fine charmeuse is embedded within the fabric. Then there’s the way the patterns of them catch light. They’re almost magical in the way that they make you look exactly how you feel: radiant. You’re as carefree as the silk that hangs against your body, breathing and moving with you. I put a lot of care into these silk charmeuses knowing that they’re something special. Take a look at the Beach Dream Silk Scarf pictured above. The way it lays like a portrait, almost ethereal like a cloud. You can see more like them in the store.

- Amanda J

Amanda Johnson